Cultural touchstones, and Christine McVie on a rainy Friday morning.

October 2022

If you're in a style rut, tell yourself a better story.

August 2022

Or ... which Diane Keaton are you?

July 2022

Wedding shrooms, the Journos podcast, and a snowballing sleep deficit

June 2022

Take it easy on yourself—and the expectations—this summer
A hodgepodge of things I have recently liked, and that kept me going while feeling crushed.

April 2022

And so are you.
Sweet solitude with salty potato chips.

March 2022

A sweet and profound tip from apparent parenting guru Chuck Klosterman.

February 2022

The definitive and delicious baked good of a strange era.
This is Have a Good Day, a newsletter about living well in weird times.